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"I wanted to take time to let you know that I truly enjoyed the time we spent with your assisting me as Business Mindset Coach.  Not only did you assist me with the things I struggled with like zeroing in on my ideal client but, you offered useful tools that helped.  I really appreciated your helping me chose my prices simply by reminding me of my worth.  It really was a pleasure working with you.  It was business but laced with truth and laughter.  Thanks again." 
Kaye P. Brooks
Health & Wellness Coach

De is exceptionally talented, knowledgeable, creative & a joy to work with!! She used her incredible skills & insight to lay out a marketing strategy customized for my business. She also helped me to refresh/redesign my outdated website, & the end result was a beautiful masterpiece!!"
Edmond Baker, Jr
Top USA Saxophonist by

"I struggled with thinking I was not good enough to market myself, how to go about doing so, and knowing my worth. De helped me overcome these problems of being prepared, overcoming nervousness, and not letting opportunities pass me by.  As a result, I feel more confident, more prepared and I know my worth.

De Boone is pleasant, timely, professional, and engaging. She is patient and well informed. I would definitely recommend her for anyone thinking about a business, new to the business, or needing business to revamp."
Michele Girard, LCSW and Author
Founder - Dry Bones Counseling Services

"I first met De in 2011 at a business networking luncheon. What stuck with me most after meeting her was at how effective she had been in creating a business that compliments her strengths and personality. It was obvious to me that De took her experience as a former corporate trainer to design her own consulting and coaching business to fit her and no one else. The skill of a true entrepreneur. She makes things happen instead of waiting for them to happen to her! Outstanding quality! What I enjoyed most when De spoke at one of our SOAR After Hours events (business after hours) was that De interacted with our audience at a level they all can relate with. She simplified the Social Media and Marketing strategies so that our guests wouldn't feel intimidated by the topic presented. De's warm and fun personality makes it easy to approach her for an engaging conversation. If you have the opportunity to work with De on a project, jump on it!" 

Zef Zan, "Strategy Spark Plug", President & CEO 

"De helped me with my new internship coaching business which is called "My Intern Coach". De set up my new Facebook fan page. She was very helpful and recommended ideas for the page that I would not have considered. For example, she created a shopping cart experience which I am now very happy to have as part of the Facebook page. If you are starting a business or wish to set up a new Facebook fan page, I highly recommend that you consider working with De Boone."

-- Sandra Long, Founder of My Intern Coach, LLC

“De was very helpful guiding me through the social media challenges setting up profiles on Facebook and Linked in. Her expertise was very helpful. I highly recommend her services. Thank You De!!”

-- Tracy C Stillman, Founder & Designer of The Life of Ryley

"De Boone is a social network queen. Really, she knows her stuff. With all of her connections, De gets social media updates before the general public. So she can give your company an extra advantage it needs to stay ahead of the curve. I highly recommend De to help you set up your company's social network and train you all on how to maximize your time and efforts." 

-- Stacey (Lopez) Hascoe, Assistant Director at SONO Corporate Center

"De Boone showed me new methods and strategies that not only increased our revenue but increased our visibility among our existing patrons while attracting new ones."  Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

-- Robert Evans, Founder and Director of DMI (Dance Ministry Institute)

"De gave me the tagline for my business that really was a game-changer in my industry. It attracts the right kind of clients and helps me stand out. It was a bold move, but De convinced me that being controversial was the right message to send, and I haven't regretted it. 

She has a real talent in quickly reading a situation, and then recommending the right course of action."

-- Melanie Szlucha, MBA

De engendered trust and an understanding of my situation at her introductory session. She knew what questions to ask to determine exactly what assistance I would need to develop and market my service and gave me specific examples of how to do just that. De is a warm and personable individual with a clear and deep knowledge of the business development process and how to make it work for any individual or company based upon their particular circumstance. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

-- Len Gomberg, Education Services Specialist

"I am a member of an age group that did NOT grow up with computers.  Therefore I needed someone very patient to teach me the basics of social networking.  De Boone is an exceptionally patient and kind mentor.  She is warm, encouraging, and fun to be around. And of course: she knows her stuff. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in catching up with ‘the curve’!" 

--Mimi Seton, Writer, Composer, and Teacher

“De makes you search deep inside yourself and get clear on your vision.  She gives you skills that are crucial to success”.  

--John E. Johansen CPA, CFP

“De is great at guiding marketing efforts and she provides practical knowledge”.  

-- Patrick P. Astre, Professional Speaker and Author

“She really cares about your individual growth and worked hard to help me, she provided insight and take away information”. 

--Saeed Arrington, Speaker, and Entrepreneur