De Boone

De Boone, the Voice of Abundance is a highly skilled business mindset coach, social media strategist, and author of the forthcoming book "Wake Up Winning: Life Strategies for Thriving During Tough Economic Times” and is the CEO of De Boone Consulting. De has over 20 years experience in developing successful leadership and business workshops, public speaking programs, and social media workshops.   

De Boone speaks for and consults with corporations, organizations, and church ministries and in the United States, who want their leadership to be more successful and productive; and she coaches business owners, entrepreneurs, and enterprising people who struggle with self-promotions/marketing and who would like to expand their brand using online tools such as social media, email marketing and e-commerce.  

In her, work De provides superior strategic planning tools that help leaders to develop new decisive actions that allow them to raise their performance level and that of their team. De’s clients say that her coaching has played a major role in enhancing performance and accountability throughout their organization and their lives.  

In January 2010, De Boone received an Official Citation as one of Women Who You Should Know by Connecticut’s State Assembly. She is a member of many social organizations and serves on several corporate boards.

De’s mission is to provide her clients and audiences alike with clarity, awareness and focus to help them reach their goals and live out their dreams by turning their passion into profits!

Client Testimonial

I'm Stan Anderson

Before hiring De Boone I was struggling to grow my Inspiration business. My customer base wasn't increasing, I only had a general idea of my target market - In fact I didn't think my line of business really required me to target a market, I was disappointed with my results using Facebook, and I hadn't given enough attention to Branding my business.

Although I had many ideas about growing my business and knew I had to use social media, I Before contracting, hiring, consulting with De Boone I had three (3) major problems growing my business.

* I didn't have a Target Market.

* I wasn't effectively or consistently using Social Media.

* I did not know the importance of, or how to Brand my business.

De Boone conducted several Strategy Sessions with me, and from them, I was able to...

* Identify the right Target Market for my business

* Develop a Social Media Strategy and grow my Membership and Fan Base

* Regularly and systematically send relevant and consistent messages that also clearly and uniquely identify my business.

As a result, I am getting more visits to my Fan Page and request to join the Group. De Boone created for my business and trained me to manage and develop. I now have the knowledge, systems, and confidence to more effectively engage and attract clients/members and prospects. I highly recommend De Boone.

H.Stanford Anderson/Horace (Stan) Anderson
Founder - Motivation Reader's Mastermind Network (MRMN)

You can exhaust yourself trying to be impressive. 

I know—you want to cover your fears, self-doubts, and mistakes and get your business perfect. I totally get it.  

When we're looking to expand your business brand, what comes out of our mouths feels like it carries the weight of the world. Like it has the potential to make or break our credibility. 

Clients hire me to:

  • Have big breakthroughs and ah-ha moments
  • Learn proven techniques for releasing your internal resistance and self- sabotaging tendencies so you can take action and start living your passion and purpose with ease
  • Get crystal clear on who your ideal clients are who will gladly pay you what your worth to help them solve their problems
  • Become an expert in your field (and be perceived, and paid, as such)
  • Stay accountable to these goals and achieve them

To some extent, I can. (I'm really good.)

  • Create greater exposure and visibility for your business
  • Learn time saving techniques that will dramatically cut down your learning curve
  • Make more money than you’re making now, while enjoying being in business for yourself even more than you’re enjoying it now
  • Create a compelling marketing message that will make your ideal client say, “Wow, that’s exactly what I need!”

"Implement systems so you consistently market your services easily and can finally stop struggling to get clients, for good."

Are you ready to put an end to the confusion, dread, and end the drama cycles